Malware code analysis platform
using big data

MINOS is the beast with long tail in Hell, one of the judges who judges the sins of the dead and drops them down to the Hell.
The floor of Hell is determined by the number of times MINOS wraps his body with his tail.

More elaborate,
more increasing cyber threats

Increasing SandBox bypass technic

SandBox is not enough to respond to advanced threats.

Growing cyber threats based on Text

Many malicious codes are hiding in the text file, not in executables such as .EXE.

Malicious code Analysis Platform
made by NURILAB

The Concept of MINOSS

Cyber threats have their own DNA, just as the criminals can change their appearance, but not their DNA. MINOSS is a technology that analyzes and learns the DNA of cyber threats to prevent them in advance.

미노스 기술의 컨셉

The Key Competitiveness of MINOSS

1) Collecting many data (Morea than 20 million in domestic and international)
2) Data classifying technology and building DB (Many years of R&D and project experiences)
3) Blocking technology with analyzing similarities quickly (Patented)

미노스의 핵심 경쟁력

The Process of MINOSS Cyber Threats Data Collecting,
learning and detection.

미노스의 사이버 위협 수집 및 학습 탐지 과정

Collecting Millions of samples in Domestic and International
(About 20 million per a day)

국내, 국외에서 수많은 샘플을 수집

Similarity Analysis Technology

Most of the new/variant malware only slightly modify the source code created in the past. By measuring the similarity of the code, it is possible to easily identify new and variant malicious codes.

분류 및 정렬 기술

If the information in block 2 is slightly different, the hash value changes only in block 2.
That is, if only 1 block out of 10 is different, the 90% similarity is the same.

Quick Similarity Check

You can find the most similar hash by comparing all hashes in the DB. But, we found a way.

빠른 유사도 검색

Devise a way to quickly measure how similar a specific file is to a file that exists in the DB

Inverse index construction method, similar data search method and apparatus using inverse index
[Patent No. 10-2081867]

Malware Analyzing Tool with Reversing Technology

For malicious code analysts, malicious code analysis information is provided through MINOSS Web, and function information used in malware is provided via function similarity comparison by linking(plug-in) with IDA Pro.

리버싱 기술을 이용한 악성코드 분석도구

※ Reversing Technology is used to analyze the structure and core algorithms of malicious programs and devise measures to cope with them.

Products and Technologies with MINOSS Technology


  • Detecting File Forgery and Modulation, Verifiying File Flawless, CDR Solution

NESS (Nurilab Email Security Suite)

  • Email Threat Response Solution based on Code DNA Similarity

KICOM Anti-Virus

  • Anti-Virus Engine SDK that can interwork with applications and various environment.

Nuri Anti-Ransom

  • Action based Ransomawre Respond Solution

Nurilab Digital Forensic

  • Nurilab Digital Forensic

File Filter / Viewer

  • Extracting text and browsing of electronic documents